iUeMagazine has illustrious writers from 40+ countries. We have published Authors, Novelists and Poets writing for us, who have joined hands with this vision of inspiring the masses through real-time experiences, inspiring stories and their accomplishments. This eMagazine is a meek gesture to the negative emotions, feelings and thoughts that we are completely intolerant to them and we believe in "All Positive, No Gossips!"

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Category Tags (Maximum 3 tags)
Inspiring Stories
A collection of personal Interviews with celebrated leaders, entrepreneurs, corporate honchos or any success stories.
Inspiration Corner
A collection of write-ups from experiences of life that inspire, empower, influence & trigger positive values, habits & mindsets.
Local Inspiration, Global Aspiration
Local Inspiration, Global Aspiration - Local Inspiring News about people, events & accomplishments capable of inspiring others.
Entrepreneur's Delight
A collection of write-ups from writers/authors willing to write on Entrepreneurship, Business, Corporate Leadership & Management.
Start-ups Place
A perfect marketing place for start-ups & inspiration for starters. We know what it takes to start-up hence we support those that do.
Summits World
A collection of featured summits, conferences & more that reach us to reach you. A perfect corner for global summits.
Travel & LifeStyle
A collection of stories to inspire more travel & bring unlimited inspiration from the world of travel.
Sports & Adventure
A collection of personal interviews of travellers, explorers & adventure enthusiasts and a section for travellers willing to share their experiences of adventure.
Authors' Paradize
A collection of book reviews, releases and stories of authors and great books.
Inspiration from History
A collection of write-ups that bring the lessons from the legends who walked the earth & events that shaped history.
Culinary Corner
A collection of write-ups & stories from the world of Food to the world of Foodies.
Health & Fitness
A collection of write-ups with health care tips, expert advices and inspiration for overall wellness and fitness.
Science Pick
A collection of write-ups that speak for what's trending in science & technology.
Special Features
A collection that's special to our readers, contributors and us especially for special news.
Aspiring Writers
A platform for people who dream to become great writers but haven't just got the encouragement & fluidity yet.
Poetic Spree
A collection of poems that inspire & share a powerful message for betterment of humanity.
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